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It is strange that Piles is very common disease and about 75-80% of Indians can suffer at least once in their lifespan. Still People feel embarrass to even see the doctor. And the strange part is only about 30-40% people are visiting doctors to get rid of Piles, and others because of shame and embarrassment they even don’t share this problem with their family members. Isn’t it strange?

Many people think that Piles would go away by it self and yeah in rare case it can go away changing little lifestyle but mostly it will trigger again and again. And this untreated pile can cause many problems, pain and other infections and even at worse case colorectal cancer as well. So, here I’m not here to threaten you guys but I’m here to show you what is piles, why this happens and what happen if you don’t treat your piles? If these are the questions are arriving in your mind, this is the Blog for you! I will try to give every possible answer till the end of this blog. So, Dive in and if you have other questions or anal related any problem contact to the Best Piles Doctor Ahmedabad – Dr. Niket Shah is young, dynamic and experienced in the field of proctology. He has been dedicated to the enlistment in the field of proctology. With his hardworking and dedicated nature, he has been constantly trying to find out new ways to handle the patients and reduce the pain for them.


Piles is the anal related problem. It happens when it starts swelling blood vessels inside the anus or the rectum. Basically, it’s a collection of vein and tissue which become swollen and inflamed. Piles can cause either inner side of anus or outside side of anus size may varies.


Main cause of piles is the too much pressure given on the lower part of rectum due to this, rectum and anus will stretch and that will start swelling or bulging, ultimately that form Piles. There are many causes such as:

  • Regular Constipation
  • Regular Diarrhea
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Sitting Longer on the same place for longer period of time
  • Zero exercise and junk foods
  • Excessive Exercise like heavy weight lifting
  • Stopping Natures Call
  • Straining while bowling movement
  • Sitting longer period of time while bowling that maybe because reading newspaper or mobile.
  • Heredity



These are the main signs and symptoms of piles:

  • Irritation near anal area
  • Itching around anus
  • Severe Pain while sitting and standing
  • Discomfort while bowling movement
  • Bleeding some cases
  • Swelling

Untreated Piles:

Piles is not that serious disease which take your life away but if it is not treated and leave it as it is, trust me it is really very painful and full of discomforts in your life.

If you find that you have piles and didn’t see the doctor then:

  • Can provoke your symptoms and make it worse.
  • Anemia is result of the serve bleeding
  • Infections can be the result at the worst case

Mostly people find that they might have piles by examining by themselves only which won’t be that accurate comparing to the Doctor examine. They can find by change in bowling movement, blood on toilet or tissue paper whiling cleaning the anus area, by the lumps, having pain while bowling movement which is not normal. But symptoms of the piles and another anal problem are most probably are same for example serve pain and bleeding while bowling movement can be Fissure as well. In some cases, bleeding is sign of colorectal cancer as well. So, better let’s not hide it from the doctors.

Piles Hospital Ahmedabad can examine your infected area and give an accurate conclusion and the best treatment. Let’s not make Piles your Permanent Guest, get ride of piles or any anal related problem. Contact us now.

Dr. Niket Shah is spealist for Piles, fissure, fistula treatment in Ahmedabad, Dr. Shah is situated at Shivalik Square, 132 ft Ring Road, Near National Handloom, Ahmedabad. Feel free to contact him and book appointment.

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