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Life is great just when your health is good. There are numerous medical problems and health issues a lot of people manage and deal with each day. And the serious issue is fissure or hemorrhoids or piles. With very little consultation and a change in lifestyle, piles can be controlled. Hemorrhoids are a condition where expanded pressure is applied on the anus that makes the veins swell and sometimes bleed. Normal, powerful and effective treatment at home can control the situation.

Low fiber diet, constipation, pregnancy and prolonged sitting on the hard surface, and numerous different reasons cause heaps or piles. Here are some home remedies and solutions for Piles treatment that would work successfully.

Each person can adopt some essential and basic measures to keep a healthy lifestyle and minimize the risk.

Apple cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is the best home remedy because the acid present in the Apple juice vinegar will control the bacterial development in the digestive system. It can be applied directly to the affected area to control burning and itching. The Magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, and acid in Apple cider vinegar helps in managing digestion.

Lime, Ginger, and Mint

Take an equivalent measure of lime juice, ginger juice, and mint and blend it in with a spoon of honey. Drink this mixture every day; it works as an effective and natural pile treatment.

Some Simple, Easy, and Effective Regular Treatment

  1. Staying hydrated is fundamental in case you are suffering from piles or heaps. Drinking 2 glasses of buttermilk and a lot of water is important to cure piles and fissures. Add a couple of drops of bitter gourd juice to the buttermilk.
  2. Dry figs control constipation. You should soak dry figs of water overnight and consume them in the morning to ease the bowel movement. If your bowel movement is strain-free, it is very effective for heaps or piles.
  3. Take the juice of radish & mix it with honey and consume it two times each and every day. It reduces anal irritation and inflammation.
  4. Jamun leaves work best as a powerful and effective home remedy for heaps treatment. Drink the juice of Jamun leaves mixed in with milk and sugar three times each day to control the bleeding.
  5. Carrot, turnip, spinach also play an important and significant role in relieving anal pain and it improves bowel movement.
  6. Apply the mixture of Epsom salt and glycerin to the anal area. It controls irritation and inflammation. And also eases the pain and relieves it.

Deal with your bowel movement by eating fiber-rich food. It can be controlled and relieved if you can change your lifestyle with healthy and fiber-rich food and avoid spicy food.

On witnessing the symptoms and indications of heaps or piles, contact the best piles doctor in Ahmedabad, Shah Piles Fistula Hospital who can analyze the issue and recommend you the best treatment approaches that will assist you to get rid of the complications.


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