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Now a days piles become a common disease and most of us knows that piles as hemorrhoids that is the same thing but what we don’t know is that 5 in 10 will experience piles somewhere in their lifetime so it is very important to have a good piles treatment.

Piles means swelling of the blood vessels in the rectum. It could be internal or external. People who suffering from internal hemorrhoids will never know they have the until they notice some bleeding after using the bathroom. In this blog we will try to cover how to be safe from piles.


Sometimes people will not experience any blood at all but most times the internal hemorrhoids are pushed out and this is what is called external piles and that is going to be very painful. And before it get worst you should contact your doctor first rather than doing the home remedies.


Mainly in piles people will not talk about it and it is a very common situation and people who have piles think people will look at them like they have some kind of STD it will not damage much. The first sign of piles is itching, when there is blood, this is mainly from stools being to big and hard. So here are the things that will help you cure of the piles.


Fiber Diets: brawn rice is one of the good sources of the fiber-rich food, it become normal in today’s time that people eat junk food frequently, so it is very important to for the constipation problem by having fiber-rich food. Eat vegetables, fruits and whole grains.


Drink Water: per day you should drink at-list 2 liters. It is very effective way to prevent piles. It’s not a treatment but prevention. By drinking water regularly will flush the body waste a lot easier and in turn have cleaner bowels and keep the body hydrated so you must drink good amount of water daily.


Yoga: It will also work as prevention, not only from piles but from heart disease as well. By exercising for around 25 minutes a day. 3 or 4 times a week will keep your system in check and your overall health system.


Ice : Applying direct ice is the best option for immediate relief because it will reduce the swelling and give you quick relief.


Pharmaceutical Creams: These are a great relieving option from itching and irritation but will not fix the root of the problem for that you must contact your doctor that is for sure but for quick relief it’s a good option.


So while you take treatment from your doctor you can take the above prevention, and before condition gets worst you should immediately go to piles hospital in Ahmedabad, Dr. Niket Shah is a leading piles doctor in Ahmedabad.

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