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In this pandemic time lot of people are facing a different type of disease like skin disease, fissure and lot of people are suffering from piles also. Most of the people suffer from piles with re-occurring basis. There are treatments that will give you a permanent solution for piles.

Many people do the self-diagnosis and visit the near pharmacy for one of the many topical treatment or creams which are readily available.

Quickly Visit your Doctor

But It doesn’t matter how embarrassing the problem is, visiting to your doctor is always a wise step. Its simple to understand the pile’s cases, but before it get worst you should visit your doctor and take it seriously to get the permanent solution of it.

Sadly, the majority of people select to use over the counter creams and treatments that is perfectly fine as long as they are not expecting anything other than a temporary solution. In will reappear in short time and the sufferer has no option but to continue repeating the application of these medicines.

Piles sufferers will not remind of how painful and excruciatingly painful piles can be and how much of an effect they can have on your life and it is for this reason that many sufferers will listen considerately to alternatives that offer a more enduring solution to the problem instead of the temporary relief provided by over the counter medicines.

Go for the Surgical Before it Gets Worst

The best-known methods used for the treatment and cure of determined piles are surgical. Surgical methods are not a new option, having been around for quite some time, and they provide an actual solution to piles. The two surgical measures that are used are hemorrhoid banding and laser removal. It is central to understand that opting for a surgical process should always be considered the last resort for treating piles and should only be used when all else has failed.

Hemorrhoid banding is the most often used of the two types of surgery and includes using a rubber band placed at the base of each pile. This band will cut off movement to the pile which results in the pile falling off after 8 to 15 days. Unfortunately, banding is extremely painful and can be very painful originally.

The alternative to banding is laser removal, it is a lot less painful and the remedial process is often much quicker but it is a much more expensive method of treatment and is not as readily open. If you can get past the obtrusiveness of either of these surgical treatments you will find them both very successful at providing a permanent cure to reoccurring piles.

Are you also suffering from Piles? Dr.Niket Shah and Devendra Shah is one of the leading piles doctors in Ahmedabad. Shah Piles Fistula Hospital was set up on the 3rd of January, 1982. Since the day the father-son duo; Dr. Devendra k shah and Dr. Niket Devendra shah has been providing the society with their capabilities and extraordinary vision in the field of Proctology.




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