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Pilonidal Sinus is know as tailbone abscess, is a capsule containing bacteria (pus) below the skin, in other words, enfleshed, in the natal cleft and its nearby part of the buttocks. The capsule is formed by bacteria to create an situation in which they can survive inside the human body. A tailbone abscess binges, turning into a chain of numerous abscesses .

What is The Proper Treatment for Pilonidal Sinus?

There are two conventional treatments for pilonidal sinus, both of them similarly ineffective:

Drainage: The tailbone abscess is cut open to drain its pus. Since the boil is huge, it’s terrible to get out all its pus using this procedure, so it’ll soon reproduce. A cyst-drainage is classically done at the backup room of any hospital. The procedure it minimally invasive and there’s no downtime.

Pilonidal Surgery:  It is surgically 100% Curable. If you have a recurring PNS or if you have more than one sinus tract, We at Shah Piles Fistula Hospital recommend a surgical procedure.

How can you prevent pilonidal sinus disease?

You can prevent return of PNS by washing the area on a daily basis with a mild soap, making sure all soap is removed, keeping the area completely dry, and avoiding sitting for long periods.

Surgery at Shah Piles Fistula Hospital

After surgery, Doctor will explain how to change the dressings and will recommend shaving the site to prevent hair from growing into the wound.

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