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Pilonidal Sinus, also known as tailbone abscess, is a capsule containing bacteria (pus) below the skin, in other words, enfleshed, in the natal cleft and its nearby part of the buttocks. The capsule is formed by bacteria to create an environment in which they can survive inside the human body. A tailbone abscess spreads, turning into a chain of various abscesses.

As per study,among various organizations, where pus was aspirated from pilonidal sinuses in 25 children found in it Bacteroides sp, Coccus, Fusobacterium sp, Clostridium sp, Escherichia coli, Streptococcus, and Proteus sp. On the other hand, many believe the only bacteria in pilonidal sinus are Staphylococcus, when these weren’t even found in the study (this doesn’t mean they can’t be present in some cases, though.)

What is The Proper Treatment for Pilonidal Sinus?

There’re 2 proper treatments for pilonidal sinus, both of them equally ineffective:

Drainage: The tailbone abscess is cut open to drain its pus. Since the abscess is huge, it’s impossible to get out all its pus using this procedure, so it’ll soon reproduce. A cyst-drainage is typically done at the emergency room of any hospital. The procedure it minimally invasive and there’s no downtime.

Pilonidal Surgery: The pilonidal sinus is cut off along with part of the buttocks, sometimes with all of them. A huge wound is left which is almost guaranteed to become infected, which results in another pilonidal sinus.

There’re 3 types of pilonidal surgeries, the only difference is how the wound is treated: Closed-Wound Surgery, Open-Wound Surgery and Cleft-Lift Surgery. All of them have approximately 50% success rate the first time, 40% the second time, and 10% the third time on (of course, surgeons will lie to get your money). Though, even if the procedure is successful, the scar left by it can tear with tension and become infected. Pilonidal surgery is extremely intrusive since the flesh that’s cut off doesn’t grow back and there’s often a long downtime.

An Alternative Treatment for Pilonidal Sinus

Homeopathy is a healing system that stimulates the immune system through microdoses of substances that cause symptoms similar to those of disease to eventually cure it, definitely. Homeopathy is acknowledged as being able to cure difficult diseases. A study published in 2010 on the International Journal of Oncology revealed that Homeopathy can completely destroy cancerigenous cells without damaging healthy cells as chemotherapy does. Turning back to pilonidal sinus, Homeopathy can cure it.

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