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A person experiencing anal fissure will firstly experience bleeding a tearing, ripping, or burning sensation after bowel movement. When a fissure develops, these signs frequently occur every after-bowel elimination and the rectal pain can last several minutes to an hour. When the fissure becomes long-lasting, the bleeding will stop but the pain will continue to persevere. Itching and irritation of skin around the anus are also common symptoms to anal fissure.

These types of fissure and the pain caused by them cannot be totally healed by home remedies. After six weeks have passed, any lasting fissures are then classified as long term or chronic anal fissures. These conditions require healing and medicine from doctor on immediate basis.

About Surgery:

Doctors may turn to surgery as treatment for anal fissure pain. A favored process which has a high attainment rate is Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy. Here the doctor makes a tiny cut on the internal anal sphincter. This is useful in minimizing the stress and thus alleviating the pain. The fissures will repair themselves so there is no need to surgically close them.

Usually this type of surgery is very successful, but there are a few negative side effects to a lateral internal sphincterotomy. 9% of patients later report incontinence which means they pass stools or gas without any control to stop it. Nitroglycerine cream can help this in the long term and there is no medication that comes close to working as well as surgery.

For many the assistances of surgery exceed any disadvantage. Compared to at home treatment, surgery has a higher success rate, fewer deteriorations, and last longer.

Anal development flap method is another process carried out to the women who is going to give birth. This procedure is a best way to escape any high resting burden. The doctor’s remove the fissure edges and sew it with healthy tissue.


Aerobic exercises and trying to keep away from overall stress also forms a part of anal fissures treatment. Drinking a lot of water (at least 2 liters on a daily basis for an adult) is also a great idea. When the urine is a light yellow in color, then you know that there is enough water in the system.

Alcoholic drinks are not good for anal fissures treatment because they dehydrate the body and thus reduce the water levels fast.


For patients suffering from chronic fissures, medicinal first-line treatments are usually prescribed by experienced physicians. Here are some of the medicines that are used for long term anal fissure cure.

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